Tully on Tully Two Birds Single Launch – Shebeen [31.10.14]


Tully on Tully recently made a very successful Pozible campaign for their forthcoming EP, which will be released early next year, and at the end of October, they launched their first single off said EP, Two Birds.

Tully and Tully, led by Natalie Foster are a band with a force to be reckoned with. A stage presence of a lead singer much beyond her years of experience, Natalie, aka Tully, took the stage of Shebeen over, intriguing her audience with her wittiness and absolute power as a performer.

As does happen with live music, there were technical difficulties during the show, and to Tully and Tully’s credit, they took it in their stride, proving themselves as a legit live band. Due to these difficulties, the band were forced to play their earlier singles first. Much loved tracks like Stay and Naked are guaranteed to get a great response from a participating audience, and the shake-up of the set list didn’t change this at all. This then left Tully on Tully to play a bunch if their new, unknown songs in a row, which, in my opinion was a blessing in disguise. If you were one of the many people that pledged for Tully on Tully’s Pozzible campaign, you are not going to be disappointed with their upcoming Ep. If this night was anything to go from; the new music that they have been working so hard on is brilliant, in a different way than we are used to hearing from Tully on Tully. They seem to be taking a step towards a darker, edgier kind of sound; and it’s a sound that suits them just perfectly.

Like the sounds of their new work; current single, Two Birds also has a rockier sound than past singles, during the chorus, Tully repeats ‘…I only wanted you…’ and it’s obvious that this song is written from an emotional place, and their performance easily conveys this.

Tully and Tully proved that they can do just about anything with a cover that would make the one and only Karen O proud, Tully and Tully took on The Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ killer track, Maps. Tully nailed it in the vocals, sending shivers through the crowd; but, as every lead singer knows, she wouldn’t be the same without her band. Tully took as step back during this song, and let her band showcase their immense talents as well.

Tully and Tully are a well-rounded band. They have established who they are musically, but aren’t afraid to tweak and mature their sound.

As Natalie said during the show ‘… we own this motherfucking stage!’ Yes, Tully you do, you really do.