Track By Track With…Van Oasis (Premiere)


Producer and DJ Van Oasis creates original tunes that blends a range of genres and styles including house, disco and funk.

Today we’re excited to be premiering his two track EP and new video. Here’s what he had to say:

This E.P delivers a sound that I hope is thought provoking to the listener. I made this music based on how I listen to music – sitting down in a park, taking a moment at home and allowing the music to take me on adventures and to compliment my fantasies. Perhaps the label ‘house’ is what one may choose for my sound but for me at least, it goes far beyond that label. I hear and experience an ambience and dream-like sound that takes me away from the world, into a moment. I hope that my music is a vessel by which you can take a moment, have your thoughts and emotions provoked and inspired, as it does for me.

Emulous means to be ‘motivated by a spirit of rivalry’.
This is the first song that I produced for this E.P. It was inspired by seeing my good friend Luke Thomas make some incredible music. He played me a hip-hop song that he had made, featuring Marvin Gaye samples. Hearing this motivated me to make something and to rival it. I was determined and motivated to show him what I could produce. As a result and to his surprise I created a dream-like ambient house track which is progressive yet driving. Both our minds filled with thoughts, provoked by the track. Even now when I hear it, it still applies a dramatic element to whatever it is I’m doing at the time. The meaning or story is something that I hope the listener can create and to daydream about. I believe my listeners will really enjoy the journey it takes them on. The video clip is a representation of what director Dylan Gillies-Parsons saw in his mind when listening to Emulous. With his team he created a fantastic rendition of his interpretation.

‘Peony Garden’
Peony Garden features distant voices and echoing bird calls, teamed with a funky drum line that moves you as if you were in a foggy forest. Recording the bongos and percussion was a lot of fun and I love the resultant tribal rhythm. The words heard during the track – “Where am I?”, “What is this place?” and ” Think it’s going to change people” add a spooky twist and suggests themes of order and confusion. Again however, I love the idea of the listeners creating their own stories from it. This song is much more of an uplifting tune and I hope that the huge building drop in the final chorus will get people excited on the dance floor. I’m so excited to finally release these tunes and am already looking forward to my next project

The EP launch party will take place on Saturday April 30th at 56 Bricks in Windsor with supports Du Phaux and Cassettes For Kids (Live Set). It’s free entry and kicks off at 9pm. Facebook event here.

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