Track By Track With…Super Magic Hats


Super Magic Hats is the musical alias of electronic musician Rob Masterton. Next Friday May 20th he will finally unveil his long-awaited debut album “Separation”. Ahead of his album launch tonight at LongPlay we asked Rob to put together a track by track for us. Perfect Saturday listening.

1. Transpose

Transpose centres on the idea of people being dishonest with you and playing with your emotions. It is presented lyrically as something like a girl-boy story, but the references are broader and encompass a range of experiences. The energy and the way that the track phrasing changes reflect the pushing and pulling that the protagonist gives in to eventually. Hatsune Miku sings.

2. We Can Change the World

The inspiration for this track is the shimmer of sunlight on water, the simplest of things that can change your mood. The power of the people around you to affect your life positively – they can give you the strength to look inside yourself and help you deal with everything you find there. It is 1988: possibilities are endless and We Can Change the World.

3. Incomplete

This track was written around the idea of having to work at love. To notice at last your true feelings, to go on honestly on this one and only road. If it’s love, then say it’s love – without the facade, let’s just be honest. Hatsune Miku and Ia sing.

4. Because of You

Originally Because of You was based around the feelings of the first rush of new love. The world is brighter than before, the sky is deep blue. Over time the meaning has shifted to represent the hole in your life when someone has gone. There is sadness at loss but there is joy when you think back on what they have brought to you. Their strength allows you to be strong.

5. Beautiful

Beautiful is about getting swept up in the flow of seduction. A persona that appears fragile but is stronger than you, you act against your instincts, you act against your interest. You are being pulled under, whilst the moon watches on. Hatsune Miku and Ia sing.

6. Golden

The theme for Golden is around an exploration of the concept of happiness. Fragility, tension, pursuit. Ia sings.

7. Crazy for You

Crazy for You is about making the decision to clear out detritus from your life. The feeling of being able to jettison things that have been holding you down, and starting afresh. Lyrically this is framed in terms of an event that triggers this process, and allows you to fall in love with life again. Ia sings.

8. Fading Still

Fading Still has the central theme of coping with the mundanity of everyday life that surrounds you like a fog. The impulse to become reactionary when everything seems stationary. Do you switch off and dream, do you accept it, do you fight? Hatsune Miku sings.

9. Akogare

Agokare is based on the feeling that experiences were dreamt. When you leave someone that you love behind, the distance between you blurs lines between reality and imagination; perhaps the time you spent together was all a dream. Ia sings.

10. Melt

Melt is about the acceptance of fate; headphones on, head down, shuffle forwards. All farewells should be sudden.

“Separation” will be available on iTunes next Friday May 20th via Hush Hush Records. Super Magic Hats plays at LongPlay in North Fitzroy tonight, Saturday May 14th.