The Rebelles – The Spotted Mallard [07.02.14]


It would be easy to write off The Rebelles as a 1960s girl group cover band. But they’re so much more than that. With fifteen members who can harmonise (a task which many a four-piece can’t master), a tight backing band and a  smattering of originals which sound like something The Ronnettes could have released, they’re the closest you will ever get to seeing the Shangri-La’s in 2014 Melbourne.

Fiona Lee Maynard opened the show with her impressive bluesy voice, however suffering from a blown amp and broken strings you could tell is just wasn’t her night.

The Rebelles came on stage wearing matching outfits and wigs and launched straight into the ultimate best of 1960s girl groups. While many of the covers stayed true to the originals, they injected a bit of edge to some that sound syrupy by today’s standards. The highlight was a cover of The Boy’s Next Door’s ‘Shivers’ which worked suprisingly well. The band debuted a new ballad and a faster original track which were just as enjoyable as the classics.

Sure, it’s a bit over the top and at times a bit cheesy. But sometimes all you need in life is to dance to pop songs about boys who ride motorcycles, and for this The Rebelles are perfect.


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