The Basics @ The Corner Hotel 29/09/2013


It’s been a long time between tours. The Basics took  hiatus three years ago giving time for Gotye to release that song and the other members to work on their own projects. After the release of the B-sides collection Leftovers and Ingredients which acts as a best of, many people, myself included thought that it was the end of the band. 

But we were wrong. They’re half-way through a tour that has seen them sell out heap of venues and their show in Melbourne proved that the band are still in top form.

The Basics are best known for their 60’s style pop but their more recent efforts are heading towards a heavier and more psychedelic sound. But the band’s live shows are so energetic anyway that it wasn’t out of place with the older tracks.

But most of all the gig was a lot of fun and I really hope they stick for a little bit longer. The next Gotye album can wait, can’t it?



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