Tanya Batt – The Workers Club [26.04.14]


When it comes to a night that Tanya Batt is involved with, you know it’s set to be a great one, but the launch of her latest single, Fools, exceeded all expectations.

Tom Kline started the night off with a massive assault to our emotions. On stage alone, with only his instruments and incredible voice, Tom showcased a vulnerability that left the crowd fighting back tears. A brutally honest songwriter, Tom takes all the painful memories in his life, tells the audience the stories behind them and then sings his heart out. It takes a very brave person to do that, and he does it better than most. As sad and as numbing as his music is, it was the perfect way to start off the night. As Tanya said later in her own set, “I love you Tom Kline, but you made me cry five bloody times.”

Next up was Hiding with Bears, a band that I had previously never heard of, but half way through their set I found myself enchanted by their stage presence. Essentially, Hiding with Bears are six guys, who jump on stage, laugh, smile, muck around and make music that lifts you up, until you’re laughing along with them.  But, behind their playful nature, there’s a band who obviously take their music seriously, they know what they’re doing and they do it so perfectly. These guys are definitely on my watch list this year, they have the potential to do some really big things.


Lastly, the lady that everyone was here to see came on stage. Tanya Batt has a knack of taking control of the crowd in a unique and genuine way; before the music even starts. Her witty banter is something that all fans will be familiar with. She makes jokes, laughs at herself and drinks Jameson, making the room feel less like an audience and more like friends.
And then the music starts and you’re taken away, and for the duration of her set you think of nothing but her performance. It’s obvious that Tanya and her band out a lot of work into their music, they blend together seamlessly, and the appreciation that Tanya shows them is very endearing.
Singles like Secret Doors and Passages and Atlas had everyone singling along; Tanya thriving on the crowd’s participation.
Fools, the single that Tanya was there to launch went off flawlessly, Tanya showing raw emotion and her talent for hitting the high notes in a way that sends goosebumps through the crowd.

Tanya closed her set with a song that she was obviously very excited to share; a cover of James Blake’s Limit to your Love, a track that Tanya and her band had tailored to work for their own sound, and it worked incredibly well.
It was another brilliant show by Tanya Batt, she left her audience filled with emotions, as her music always does. Mostly, I was happy for her. Happy for how much her hard work has paid off, and happy for how big of musical career she has in front of her  if she keeps putting on shows like this one.