Porcelain Pill Sometimes It Is EP Launch – Babushka [13.11.14]


“We’re very proud of what we have achieved on this new EP.” Porcelain Pill said, before taking to stage and putting on a small, intimate set at Babushka in Ballarat.

The Melbourne folktronica duo toured their EP, ‘Sometimes it is’ in November. Playing shows in Melbourne, Ballarat and their hometown, Hobart.

‘Sometimes it is’ is a crowd funded project, it’s a mature and well developed sounding EP that the pair have every reason to take pride in. At Babushka, Porcelain Pill played to one dog, and only a handful of people, but it was that intimacy that bought the somewhat intense feel of their second EP to life.

Every time I see Porcelain Pill, I’m amazed that there are only two people on stage. There is so much going on in their songs and everything melds together with such a perfect fusion that you feel as if two people can’t possible do it in their own. But Adam and Madeline from Porcelain Pill have developed a way to work together that is inspiring to watch. Whether they are both standing at their laptop, pressing buttons in a mesmerising way, or playing their strings; Adam on guitar usually, and Madeline making beautiful magic on the cello.

With a set that was impossible to fault, it’s a challenge picking a stand out moment, but Adam’s personal favourite track, Salt on Skin went off with an emotional force behind it that left me almost choking up, and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one. On top of that, they performed an acoustic version of their earliest track, Rapid Eye Movement, it shows how talented a band is when they can take such a familiar song and turn it into a completely different sound that is still just as easy to love.

Porcelain Pill are one of the most unique bands in the Melbourne scene at the moment. They have created a sound that is clearly their own, and their live sets showcase that in an outstanding way. On stage, the duo break away from the norm, refusing to give in to the crowds expectations; instead, blowing them away with a sound that is both heavy and heartbreaking, emotional and fun, romantic and devastatingly beautiful.

If you ever get the chance to see Porcelain Pill play live, please, please take it. They will have you spell bound throughout their entire performance as they did me at Babushka.

There’s no doubt that Porcelain Pill have a bright future with their music career, their refreshing sound is going to take them far, and Adam and Madeline deserve every good thing that comes their way.