Hayden Calnin, Eliza Hull & Danvers – The Order of Melbourne [30.03.13]


Opening the night at the Order of Melbourne was Danvers, the solo-project of David John Williams (Fire! Santa Rosa, Fire!). A dark and moody set followed, his vocals quickly drew the crowd in. Keep an eye on this musician, Melbourne.

Second to take the stage was Eliza Hull. Her gorgeous vocals blended perfectly with the electronic beats, courtesy of Dylan Hill. Much to the delight of the audience Hayden Calnin joined Hull on stage for a chilling performance of ‘Ghosts’. Eliza Hull’s set came to a close with her latest single, ‘Echoes’.

Before to long Hayden Calnin was on stage. Solo and armed with a guitar, mics and loop pedals, he opened with ‘Winter’. The looping of vocals and instruments transfixed the audience as Calnin performed songs including ‘Dinosaur Stampede’ and ‘Summer’.

Band member Tom Milek was on stage as Calnin introduced a track titled ‘You’, slowly as the song progressed the other members individually took to the stage and joined in on the song. The result was a perfect build up, each instrument adding to the song and complimenting Calnin’s raw and emotive vocals. The remainder of the set had the same captivating effect; the audience was treated to ‘Shutters’, ‘For My Help’ and some new material. It was over too soon and I, like the rest of the audience are left eagerly awaiting the release of his second EP.

Who needs easter eggs when you’ve got live music?

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