Damn Terran Mixtape


Damn Terran are currently kicking a fair few goals with their sweet new track ‘Pills’ which we reviewed a little while ago. With the band set to launch the single at The Tote on October 5 (details HERE) and a debut long player due out before the end of the year, Damn Terran are set for an absolutely killer last quarter of 2012 and an even more raucous 2013. We were lucky enough to get the guys to do us a mixtape of their favourite Melbourne bands. Lachy from the band has added some rather excellent blurbs for the tracks too.

Deep Heat When It Hums

We played with these guys in May this year and since then have fallen in love with them. They do the whole double vocal thing really well. Listen to them!

BatpissCouldn’t get Out

Hoping to play with these guys soon. I’ve seen them around the traps a few times and it seems they are exploding. They’re releasing a split 7″ with another awesome band ‘Bodies’ soon so watch out for that! Raw-as-fuck-punk!

On SierraSkunk

Remember that crazy-awesome band ‘In Tongues’? Of course you do! I remember Luke playing in a crazy punk band before the ‘In Tongues’ days and its good to see him back behind the kit with ‘On Sierra’. Have a listen and check them out live. They are insanely tight!

Udays TigerBorder

We met these blokes last year when we were on the road with DZ Deathrays and Children Collide. Nathan their drummer/vocalist was filling in for Simon for a few shows. No one really knows this but he used to be in a band called Denzel with the guys so it actually makes sense that he filled in. If you’re a fan of smoke,strobe and loops come and see these all-round top blokes!

The Peep TempelMister Lester Moore

I remember seeing these guys a long time ago at Bar Open. Back then they were a two-piece but

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now they have grown into an unstoppable trio. We played with these guys at their album launch at the Northcote Social Club and got fairly wasted with them at the Sydney Road festival. Ever since then we have been trying to tame this Bandmance beast that we have created. It’s a beautiful thing. Check them out if you like dancing like a maniac!

ClaviansCosmic Hood

Last but not least, we introduce you to Clavians. First time we played with these guys was a few years ago at Ding Dong on a Wednesday night. They were called Cry Mercy back then. It was a pretty shit gig so I’m glad we got some love out of it. Aleksei used to use a foot organ while playing guitar but he doesn’t anymore. I think everyone needs to start a petition to get him to use it again. Also Tim is probably the only drummer who can get away with doing disco beats.

Kids of ZooYabba Man

There’s no messing about when it comes to Kids of Zoo. It’s straight to the point, it’s garage, it’s punk, it’s just fucking awesome. With lyrics like “When you’re born in the surburbs and you learn how to eat your meat” how can you go wrong.

High Tea – Stand And Deliver

Everything about this band is amazing. Words won’t do it justice so just go see them live!

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