Cousin Tony’s Brand New Firebird Mixtape


It was only a matter of time before we got Cousin Tony’s Brand New Firebird to make us a mixtape. The band’s April residency at the Evelyn featured an excellent selection of local talent, so we know they’ve got good taste.

Here’s what they had to say: “Cousin Tony’s have been working hard to make their way through the Melbourne scene over the last few years, and have been lucky enough to make pals with some brilliant musicians. Below are some killer offerings from family and friends of the band.”

Ben Wright Smith – ‘No One’
A sick 2015 tune from a great friend of ours. Dreamy guitar tones, classic BWS style, karate on a beach. Game over.

Francesca Gonzales – ‘Anywhere Boy’
Not a lot of people know that apart from performing with Cousin Tony’s, Fran is a seriously profound artist in her own right.She sings with a maturity and poise like few others. Gonzo has new music on the horizon, so soon everyone will know her like we do.

Greeves – ‘Moving Up’
Another bunch of our mates. One of the most underrated bands in Melbourne. Utterly classic style, soaring harmonies and such groove and vibe to their live set. Good thanks.

Zól Bálint – ‘Amsterdam’
Zol opened a show for our recent residency at the Evelyn Hotel. You will never see anything else like him live in your entire life. A truly singular experience. Beats to get lost in, all played on a guitar with a crazy mod job. He has amazing feel for electronic music.

Total Giovanni – ‘I Just Can’t Control My Love’
We were there when these guys got the boot in the Meredith Supernatural Amphitheater, and have watch it’s members shake their hips at many parties around our city. In this video, they combine an at times adorable narrative, with some crazy effects and some totally feel-good music. Totally.

CTBNF support Manor’s EP launch this Thursday May 5th at Shebeen with JP Klipspringer. Details here.