Brighter Later – The Wolves


As debut records go, it’s always a major plus when on first listen, you just want to listen to it again, and then again, and then again. Brighter Later, the project of Jaye Kranz with help from Virginia Bott, are set to release their debut album The Wolves tomorrow (Friday 8th March), and it definitely succeeds in ramping up the play count.

Recorded in an old church in Melbourne’s west, it’s a really beautiful collection of songs. As a first-time producer, Kranz has captured the simple beauty in these songs so well. But then with Andy Stewart mixing the album and Casey Rice behind the engineers desk, it would have been hard not too.

There’s an understated nature to this album – none of the songs seem forced or over the top, instead they all simply sit with you, each sparking more interest on each listen. It’s this restraint, especially in album opener ‘All The World’, the beautiful ‘Magnolia’ and album closer ‘Holy Water’, that really make this album. Reduced back to their bare bones, they show a great deal of heart-on-sleeve emotion

This is a release that quite genuinely transports you to another place. It’s impossible not to be taken in by the world that this album imagines. In an almost dream like state you loose track of time, and become truly enchanted by Kranz’s vocals and that stripped back instrumentation.

With earlier singles like ‘The Woods’ and ‘Come and Go’ generating a great deal of love, it’s great to see an album that truly delivers on what it’s promised.

Make sure you check out Brighter Later launch the album down at the Northcote Social Club on March 24 in full band mode. Details here