Boomgates – Double Natural


So the terms supergroup, indie darlings, jangle pop masters, Flying Nun devotees have been bandied about a fair bit when in close proximity to Boomgates, the Melbourne band comprising of members from Eddy Current Surpression Ring, Dick Diver, Twerps, Trial Kennedy, and Teen Archer.

And perhaps for good reason. But they’re more than that.

As showcased on their debut full length, ‘Double Natural’, Boomgates nail a soundtrack to suburban Melbourne life. There’s something really quite pleasant about this album, a feeling of contentedness that you can’t help but feel. Both Steph and Brendan’s vocals really complement each other – the casualness and simplicity of both vocals sit tightly together.

There’s also this third voice that rears it’s head across the album. The guitar melody lines, especially in tracks like Laymens Terms, Cows Come Home, Cartons and Cans (and whistling), and Everything act as extensions to the vocals, almost as if finishing a statement.

The first proper cut from the album, ‘Whispering or Singing’ is perhaps one of the more upbeat moments of the album, with Brendan taking the lead on the vox. One of the highlights of this track, and of the whole album in fact, is the use of light and shade. There are moments where the band drop right down to really let, as is the case below, a bass line sing out. This colour comes through on one of the earlier cuts, ‘Laymens Terms’ as well.

As is the sound of bands like Dick Diver, Twerps, and Eddy Current, there’s this thrown together sound that these guys really nail. It really does sound like a couple of mates having a play. As a result, there’s this nice snug feeling that you get from listening to this disc.

And yeah, sure, you may classify it as indie pop. But more me, it’s indie pop perhaps at it’s finest, and it genuinely leaves you feeling satisfied.

Out now through Bedroom Suck Records

Polyester Records