Grand Salvo – Slay Me In My Sleep


Grand Salvo’s 6th album, Slay Me In My Sleep is music to get lost in.

Over 16 elaborately titled songs and three acts, Paddy Mann tells the story of an old woman who falls in love with a wayward boy through an old photograph. While this could have easily veered into self-indulgence territory, the end result is haunting and delicate.

Like most concept albums, there is a cohesive sound through all of the tracks and they blend into one another. A medieval style flute wafts through album opener ‘The Old Woman and the Boy’ and reappears throughout the record.  The songs themselves are solid and while they hold more value as whole, all of them are strong enough to stand out on their own.

Lyrically Mann’s words are neither too obtuse nor too literary. Instead they paint detailed images of world the characters inhibit, from the old lady’s kitchen to the day the boy broke into her house.

‘Two Cups Sit On The Table…‘ is strikingly cheery against the uneasy lullaby of the previous track but as with all of the songs on the album there is a hint of sadness and longing. ‘He Raises Her Gently into the Chair…’ is perhaps the most vibrant song on the album with harmonies and crashing piano chords. ‘The Boy’s Story of the Faithful Family Dog’ is a total tearjerker with sparse instrumentation and a story of human-pet love.

Creating a beautiful folk album is a feat in itself but coupled with the intricate story-telling and cohesive theme, it’s nothing short of amazing.

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Polyester Records