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Tinpan Orange will release their fifth studio album Love Is A Dog next month. The trio will then embark on a national tour to celebrate the release, so we found some time to chat with the lovely Emily Lubitz.

Hi Emily, thanks for the chat! Hello!

You’re on the verge of releasing your fifth album and are celebrating 10 years of being a band. How important has your fan base been to you throughout your career? So important. Essential in fact. We have built a fan base mostly through our live shows. We have toured a lot the last ten years and without commercial radio support, we have been lucky to sustain ourselves. We have wonderfully loyal fans whom we have gained through festivals and community radio. I suppose every musician owes a lot to their fans. We’d be bedroom musicians without them.

You recorded ‘Love is A Dog’ over the course of a year. Was this a result of finding time in between juggling work, children and other commitments? It’s a miracle this album came into being in a lot of ways. We took a 2 year hiatus from touring to write and record but somehow our lives filled up quickly with other things, mostly babies! I had my second baby and my brother had his first so we had to work pretty hard to find the time. We squeezed this album from the corners of our lives. We were very determined and we did it for the love. We didn’t want to lose this baby for the human ones. We wanted to have them all.

During this upcoming album tour you’re partnering with Parlour to give fans the chance to host Tinpan Orange at their house. Have you played a Parlour gig before? What’s your favourite thing about playing intimate shows like these? Yes, we have played a couple of Parlour gigs and we love them. It’s a beautiful exchange that happens when someone invites you into their home to play music. It feels like times gone by when music was a social act rather than a performance.

You recently lent your vocals to Eastward’s track ‘Golden Morning’, how does featuring on a track compare to writing your own? Do you like having less of a creative involvement? I love singing on other people tracks because it’s a different sense of ownership. In some ways I put less pressure on it. I love that I’m collaborating with someone else’s vision and I get to put myself and my voice into different shapes and landscapes.

Can you tell us your favourite Melbourne acts? Jess Ribeiro, Jim Lawrie, Miles and Simone.

And Melbourne venues? Northcote Social, The Forum and The Toff in Town.

You’re hitting the road at the end of April for an Australian album tour. Are there any cities you’re looking forward to returning to/or visiting for the first time? I’m excited for the whole run really.. We are returning to some places we haven’t been to in a while and places that are close to my heart. Fremantle, Darwin and Mullumbimby to name a few. I love the places that are hard to get to best.

Thanks for your time! Thank you! x

Love Is A Dog is out on Friday April 8th. Pre-order it on iTunes here.

And here’s where you can see Tinpan Orange:
Friday 15th & Sunday 17th April – Fairbridge Folk Festival, Fairbridge
Friday 29th April – The Grand Poobah, Hobart TAS
Sunday 1st May – Fresh On Charles, Launceston TAS
Saturday 7th May – Toff In Town, Melbourne
Saturday 14th May – Civic Hall, Mullumbimby
Sunday 15th May – Old Museum, Brisbane
Friday 20th May – The Vanguard, Sydney
Friday 27th May – The Workers Club, Geelong
Saturday 28th May – The Railway Club, Darwin
Saturday 4th June – Fly By Night, Fremantle
Sunday 5th June – The Wheatsheaf, Adelaide (4.30pm)

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