A Chat With…The Scrims


The Scrims are playing one last headline gig this Saturday before heading into the studio to record an album.

It’s been a year since we last spoke, since then you’ve had a name change and added a fifth member. What can you tell us about the new band member? Well we are actually welcoming back an old member Tyler! Tyler went overseas for a year and a half so we got our friend Sam to play Banjo while he was gone. Now he is back and we wanted everyone to stay so we changed from The Scrimshaw “Four” to The Scrims now that we have 5 members.

Over New Years you played Woodford Folk Festival and Falls Festival. Did you manage to catch any of the other performers? Any highlights? The Vaudevill Smash absolutely tore the festival down, everyone love them. Tek Tek Ensemble were great, and we were playing on the same stage as Captain Matchbox whose music we take a lot of influence from, so we got to chat to him a bit which was pretty coool.

You’re playing Open Studio on Saturday May 14th. For those who are yet to see you live, can you describe your live shows in three words? Gypsy Doof Doof

Can you tell us about your favourite Melbourne acts? We love anything that is entertaining and makes people dance. Arthur Penn and the Funky Ten, Sex On Toast, The Twoks are all great!

And Melbourne venues? We love the Shadow Electric, The Pinnacle Hotel and Open Studio is great for having a boogie too, so exciting to be back on Saturday.

We hear you’re heading into the studio soon to record an album. Can you let us in on any news? When are we likely to hear the results? We have started recording pre-preduction, so we should have an album out by the end of the year. Expect good things!

The Scrims play Open Studio this Saturday May 14th. $10 entry on the door. Details here.