A Chat With…The Good China


The Good China are eight people who make music together. The band’s energetic live shows and damn catchy songs have made them one of my favourite Melbourne bands. So I decided to ask Mit from the band some questions.

Hey Mit, thanks for having a chat.
Thank you, Sabi! It’s always lovely to catch up with you 🙂

Where did it all begin for The Good China?
The Good China was the most successful sequence of blind dates that internet dating has ever seen. Cara China was inspired after Arcade Fire’s 2008 Big Day Out side show and put it out into the musicverse that she wanted to start a new band. Fast forward to 2012 clocking up close to 100 shows, 1 EP and another on the way, we are 8 great mates that play in a band together called The Good China.

There’s been some time between releases but you’ve just released a new single, We Knew That We Had To Leave. How is the response so far?
The response has been pretty exciting – we’ve had a lot of love from old fans and a we’re gaining new fans every day (if Facebook is anything to go by!). Triple J have given it a spin, Opel have been using ‘No More Maps, No More Roads’ for their ads and there’s been a good blog buzz about it – i think it has been a really good introduction to our shenanigans for the rest of the year.

There’s eight members in the band. Can you tell us the best and the worst parts of having that many band members?
– When we congregate there’s never a moment of silence.
– We all have various super powers to thwart evil. 8 superpowers is better then 4.
– 8 pairs of hands equates to 16 hands to help write, organise, load in and high 5.

– Touring is expensive.
– 8 people can sometimes turn into a logistical nightmare.
– Splitting shitty riders between 8 people can be inconvenient.

What do the next few months hold for The Good China? Can we expect a new EP?
Currently we’re planning an East Coat Tour (venues and dates TBA) to support our new EP ‘We Knew That We Had To Leave’ in October and November. I think it will keep us sufficiently busy over the next few months!

Any upcoming gigs we should know about?
Although we’re still cementing our interstate shows, we will be launching the EP in Melbourne at Ding Dong in Melbourne CBD on October 27th. We’ve initiated the decoration discussion so i’m sure it will be a sight to see! There’ll also be two of our favourite local bands supporting us; Francolin and Pretty Strangers.

What are your favourite venues in Melbourne to play?
It’s hard to pick in Melbourne! There are so many venues that have such amazingly different qualities about them: the perfect layout at Cherry, the fantastic sound system at Worker’s Club, the coziness of The Empress or the decor at the Toff. What really makes the venue though are the punters!

Can you tell us about some of your favourite Melbourne acts.
Playwrite are the first band i can think of off the top of my head – i remember the first time i saw them whilst we were supporting them. I was absolutely floored with their talent and gutsy powerful songs.

Aleks & The Ramps are another fave of a few of us – Alek’s quirky lyrics and the bands amazing ability to create incredibly catchy and imaginative pop brings a smile to my face every time i listen/see them.

The Melbourne

music community is so incredibly diverse that it’s really hard to boil down our favourites – from Little Red to Francolin to Pretty Strangers to Architecture in Helsinki – there is constantly amazing things coming out of Melbourne and it’d probably be pretty boring for your readers to just read us reel off band after band of Melbourne love. There’s just too much awesomeness!

Thanks for your time Mit!
Thanks Sabi!

Check out The Good China’s new video for We Knew That We Had To Leave below.