A Chat With…Tali Sing


After sparking our interest with his single ‘Breathe In’, songwriter and producer Tali Sing continues to develop his brand of R&B.  Today sees the release of his debut EP The Motions Of Heartache and with only days from his launch we thought it was time for a chat.

Hi Tali, thanks for the chat! Hey Sabi, no thank you!

Your debut EP ‘The Motions Of Heartache’ is released today. How does it feel now that it’s finally out? It feels weird you know, so much work, sweat and tears went into this release. And now it’s all done and time to focus on the next chapter. It also feels great to finally be able to share what I’ve been working on for a long while with people! I hope you guys all like it and it gets you through a hard time.

You self-produced and recorded most of the EP and it was mixed by Christian Scallan (Red Dog, Twelve Foot Ninja). Did working on it yourself allow you to have flexibility to take your time and try different things? As an artist I find I work really well alone, so having the time to produce it and record it myself definitely helped me come up with some things with trial and error. However, it has also had the opposite effect sometimes – I found at times I was going a bit crazy not knowing if the take I’d just done was better than the last or if I was going around in circles. Chris was a huge influence in the finished product, he just gets how I want things to sound, not to mention the fact we get along really well!

You recently released a video for new single ‘Hiding’, how did that come together? The video for hiding was half of a previous concept that I had come up with and I took it to Sean Meaney (The Sideways Monkey) and he kinda ran with the idea and set it all up. We wanted to tell the story of the song through the video!

You’re launching the EP this Friday at the Grace Darling, can you talk us through your live set up? My live set up for this show will be pretty basic – I have my DJ, Chase Williams, who drops the tracks and Alexander Biggs who plays keys and guitar for me. We like to add a mix of live instruments with electronic elements to give it a feel of authenticity.

From your artwork to your promo photos, there’s a great consistency to the style. Do you feel it’s an important part to presenting your music? I think it’s important to know how you want to be seen as an artist and how you want people to portray you. For me, my music is brooding and dark and that’s how I’ll be seen. Life isn’t always butterflies and rainbows and that’s what my music is about. Those difficult dark times.

What Melbourne releases (albums/EPs) have been on rotation for you this year? I’m a huge fan of Evangeline, her track “My Kingdom” has pretty much been bumpin on my car stereo on the way to work most mornings! Watch that girl, she’s about to blow up. I’m really looking forward to more stuff from her!

Nico Ghost’s EP ‘Kaishi’ has been on high rotation for me, he has such a dope live show too! Check out his vid for ‘Coolin’

Thanks for your time! Thanks so much for chatting and taking the time! You’re the best!

Tali Sing launches his EP this Friday night November 6th at The Grace Darling Hotel. He will be joined by Junor who will be on his Fluorescent Connections Tour and special guest supports Evangeline and Belove.

The Motions Of Heartache EP is available on iTunes now.