A Chat With…Tali Sing


Taking influence from the R&B world, artist and producer Tali Sing recently dropped a new single. Having spoken to him late last year, we figured it was about time for an update.

Hi Tali, thanks for the chat! Hi Sabi, thanks so much for taking the time 🙂

You’ve just released a clip for your new single ‘On Call ft. Dominique’. Can you tell us how that came together? Well it came together really quickly actually. I was messing around with a few vocal samples, making them into a pad and just started singing over it. I had the demo done in about 2 hours. It was a late night/early morning sleep deprived inspired song for sure!

For those who haven’t seen you live yet, what’s your live set up like? I have two guys that play with me live. It works really well for us to add some live instrumentation to the tracks and helps us vibe out on stage. I have Alexander Biggs who plays live guitars, keys and back up vox for me (He also does really dope solo stuff; ‘sad-boy folk’). Chase drops the tracks and also does some feature stuff throughout my tracks. You can hear him on an unreleased track dropping a verse live. He’s also working on some stuff you’ll be able to catch soon. I’m really appreciative to have the boys support and we share such a cool dynamic. It definitely helps dull the nerves a bit if I know they’ve got my back. Personally I use a TC Helicon vocal pedal, a couple of my tracks have some tuning, which I use strictly for an effect.

Can you tell us about some of your favourite Melbourne acts? There are so many good ones it’s really hard to list! At the minute I’m following Alexander Biggs who’s doing some really cool ‘sad-boy folk,’ as previously mentioned. Oscar Galt is like grunge-blues-heaven, i’m always trying to make everyone mosh at his shows, he just gets you going. Evangeline, has some mad electro pop, she’s doing real cool stuff at the minute. Vinten is always bringing indie rock/love pop vibes to his shows. Myami just dropped a new track, it’s a pop electro ballad, it’s sick. Headstone has got some real bangers, but also some real chill stuff too. Both Headstone and Myami will be helping me out at my single launch this week on the 7th of April, so we will get Shebeen popping! There’s many more, but that’s all for right now.

And Melbourne venues? The Grace Darling were really great to me for my EP launch, so they are awesome. I’m also really excited to play at Shebeen!

You’re launching the single in Melbourne this week, then heading to Sydney the week after. Have you played in Sydney before? I’ve never played in Sydney before; really keen to see how Sydney takes us. I’ve heard really good stuff about The World Bar too!

What’s in store for the remainder of the year? I’m hoping to get a new single out after the mini tour, and then I will be working on the new EP. I’m also playing a show with Tash Sultana on the 27th of May, so I’m really excited about that. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram if you wanna keep up to date 🙂

Tali Sing plays at Shebeen in Melbourne this Thursday 7th April with special guests MYAMI and Headstone. He then heads to The World Bar in Sydney on Friday 15th April. Details here.