A Chat With…RY


Ry is a Melbourne-based hip-hop kid doing some pretty exciting stuff. We were lucky enough to catch up with him last week.

Hey Ry, thanks for having a chat man.

No problem at all thanks for having me on!

Where did it all begin for you? Has music been a big part of your life from the get go?

My cousin first put me onto hip hop when I around 8 – 9years old. It was Ice T, N.W.A, Ice Cube mostly the West Coast stuff. I then shifted towards rock with Nirvana/Oasis leading the way then rap music hit full swing when I was 13-14. I was a listener for about a year then I started writing away and not telling anyone. I also played guitar for majority of my childhood but I’m crap now, I should pick it up again though I’d love to be able to play a proper instrument.

You seem to be doing some really exciting things lately. Every time I check my facebook there’s always a new track/gig that your getting out there. How has the rest of the Melbourne scene responded to your stuff?

Melbourne’s behind me as of lately, me and all the dudes I work/collab with can feel things starting to swing. It’s been 3 long years of pretty much recording every day or gigging and stuff is starting to come full circle finally. I love Melbourne and everything about it so it always puts a smile on my face to know I’m starting to gain my cities attention.

The States seems to have a real influence on your sound, which is pretty refreshing (unlike the majority of Australian Hip-Hop). Can you tell us about why the US has such an influence on your work?

I think the USA has influenced me in everything I do from the Sports I watch, clothes I wear and music I listen to (obviously). I’m not sure why, I’ve always been a city kid growing up so that might be it. So something like NYC has a ridiculous appeal to me. All my favourite artists are American so I study how they make music on a very magnified level. I guess it just reflects on my stuff too.

Tell us about how St. Vitus Cardinals came about?

That’s all C1 man. He’s the genius behind it and a lot of my music lately. He wanted to kind of create a ‘team’/starting 5 of up and coming dudes rapping over his beats and here we are. St Vitus is the basketball team in the Movie basketball diaries and we all think that movie is cool as shit so that’s how the name came about. I guess we’re not really going for the ‘crew’ vibe but more so the ‘team’ aspect so you know who we are affiliated with and that’s it. All our fans are cardinals.

What’s up next for you man? I hear there’s a proper release due out soon?

Yeah man, I can’t keep doing these mixtape joints that are 40-50 bars of rapping haha. Wall Street is my next EP and it’s all original stuff. It’s majority C1 production and also some Soul Marauder joints on there. The features are ridiculous so you’ll soon see! It will be a free download, and out in Sept!

Any gigs we should know about?

There will be launches for Wall Street after its out and hopefully that includes some outside of Melbourne too! Keep an eye out as there are a few on the way.

What are your favourite venues in Melbourne to play?

I’ve played most of the hip hop spots in Melbourne and it’d be hard to designate a favorite. I’ve also played house parties that are packed to the shit and it’s just as much fun if not more! So I guess it’s more of a vibe/energy thing. If its right then any place is a pleasure.

Can you tell us about some of your favourite Melbourne acts. 

It’s funny, most of my favorite Melbourne acts are people that have moved to Melbourne from interstate. Shadow Kitsuné is a singer that’s moved here and she’s pretty dope. Think dark synth type stuff and it’s crazy cool. I just laced some joints with Tigerilla and I’m kinda amped for people to hear. His EP is gong to be bonkers too. Besides that, my St. Vitus homies (C1, Allday, Peezo, 23) all deserve mentions. That’s the homies right there.

Thanks for your time Ry!

No Problemo!