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Pink Harvest are on the cusp of releasing their debut album Kind Of Pink. Making tunes self-described as spooky groove, the trio kindly answered a bunch of our questions.

You recently released a creepy clip for new single ‘Born Again’. How did that come together? A good friend of the bands, Nic Dunn, expressed interest in working with us on a project after seeing our shows over the past year or so. Our bassist Djanko had also worked on-set with Nic in a few of his previous shorts, and the whacky wonderfully weird concepts Nic was tackling definitely resonated with Born Again’s themes. Naturally, we couldn’t resist working with him and we were stoked with Nic’s professionally and the way that it turned out.

Your debut record Kind Of Pink is out May 31st. You recorded and produced the album yourselves. Can you talk us through some challenges you faced doing this all on your own? The biggest challenge is being so consumed within your music from the writing processes all the way through to recording and production process that it becomes incredibly difficult to look at your work objectively. However it is liberating feeling to see your vision come to life and be completely within your own control. In the band we’ve seen these songs grow from their infant stage and watching that growth whilst collaborating helps to execute your vision when it comes to the recording and production stages.

And on that note, do you think it’s important independent musicians have the flexibiliy to record on their own? (i.e even if it’s just demos) Definitely! If you’re in a band and you’re not keeping up to date by recording your work as it grows and evolves you’re naturally going to lose sight of what it is that you’re trying to express in the first place. We live in an age now where it is entirely possible to be self-reliant when it comes to creating art, and using the resources that you have, particularly in your own home, helps to eliminate any of the illusions and distractions that come with being involved the contemporary musical world.

You’re launching the album at Ding Dong Lounge on June 10th. Are there plans to tour the album nationally? We will probably lay low over winter and maybe play with some local bands. In September we plan on doing an East Coast tour of the album to support a vinyl release of Kind Of Pink.

I’m digging the album artwork, who’s the artist behind it? We really dig it too! It’s by an artist called Baker’s Dozen aka Alister Frew, who is Ronnie’s older brother and Reahan’s close friend. He is actually the reason the two of us met. So it’s great to be working with him. He currently lives in Vancouver and is always down to work with as many bands on as many projects as he can.

Can you tell us your favourite Melbourne acts? Sunbeam Sound Machine, Truly Holy, Mangelwurzel, Dorsal Fins, Seasloth, We Tigers, General Men, Pearls, Black Heart Death Cult and Plastic (naturally). The list could go on for days, there are so many great bands in this city!

And Melbourne venues? Speaking of so many great things in the city! Probably the best thing about Melbourne is its endless list of venues. We love Cherry Bar, Old Bar, Ding Dong, Shebeen, The Gasometer, The Reverence, Yah Yahs, to name a few.

What’s in store for the remainder of the year? Well we’ve discussed a concept for the next body of work and Ronnie has started writing some tunes for it already. We hope to have another LP ready by the end of the year. Our work generally is a mix of jams and songs from Ronnie’s mad mind, so post launch we will probably get stuck into some caffeine and bang out some spooky grooves.

Thanks for your time! Thanks for having us!

Pre-order Pink Harvest’s debut album Kind of Pink from Bandcamp. It’s out May 31st. Be sure to catch the launch on June 10th at Ding Dong Lounge with Plastic and Black Heart Death Cult.

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