A Chat With…Oscar Galt & The Eventual Somethings


Oscar Galt & The Eventual Somethings first grabbed our attention with the track ‘Recompense’. The four-piece are honing their own brand of dirty blues and garage punk and have just dropped a new EP. Ahead of its upcoming launch, we had a chat to frontman Oscar Galt.

You’ve signed to Bad Health (formerly Black Night Crash Records), how does it feel to have a great independent label on board for the release? It’s honestly been fantastic so far, and as soon as they had given the pitch I was basically sold. Everyone at Bad Health has this distinct combination of being laid back but really hard working, which thankfully, is an infectious kind of attitude. Having worked with Isabella Kranjec (Kapitaal PR, Bad Health) over the last few months has really allowed for the easiest transition to the label. I can’t wait to see what we can conjure with Bad Health at our side, it’s a perfect match.

Your new EP Play Things is the first of two twin EPs. Can you tell us how the idea of releasing two twin EPs came about? In the months before recording it became abundantly clear that the songs were not particular cohesive, or at least, half of them weren’t. I think it’s really important to match your content thematically so that listeners are taking in the full spectrum of the topics, and not just changing moods and mindsets instantly. Play Things all kind of revolves around addiction and dependence of different kinds, whereas the next EP focuses more on existentialism, letting go, that sort of thing. It’s also nice just having a release in the bank and being ahead of schedule.

Play Things will also get a vinyl pressing (a limited edition clear 10″ vinyl). Did you ever think you’d release vinyl? No! We were stoked when Bad Health suggested it. A couple of our fans, the real music buffs, had been requesting vinyl and I just had to tell them that it wasn’t really an option at the time, so it’s fantastic to be able to give them the real deal.

What Melbourne releases (albums/EPs) have been on rotation for you this year? I’d say the 3 that I’ve been playing the most have been Courtney Barnett’s “Sometimes I Sit and Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit”, Skipping Girl Vinegar’s “The Great Wave” and Tulalah’s “The Flood”. Each of them for completely different reasons but I think they are all outstanding albums.

You wrapped a residency at the Tote last month. How did that go? It was so much fun. Curating the line-ups for each night got me so excited because I got to showcase some my personal favourites. Every single band played so well, and I don’t think that anyone that came left disappointed. The Tote is an excellent venue with quality staff, looking forward to playing there again.

Can you tell us about your favourite Melbourne acts? Again, all the bands from our residency line-ups are great acts, so all those guys are my favourites. On the larger scale I’d have to say Gareth Liddiard is the best live act I’ve seen all year, I think his performance is so twisted, eccentric and dynamic that it just blows everyone in the room away.

And Melbourne venues? So many great ones….My favourite places to be are probably The Tote, The Workers Club, The Northcote Social Club, The Old Bar and The Gasometer Hotel, just because they each have good vibes, quality staff and their own brand of charm.

What’s in store for the remainder of the year? Well I can’t give too much away, but basically it’s going to be a busy summer of preparing for the second of the two EP’s, making a new clip and writing a bunch of new tracks.

Oscar Galt & The Eventual Somethings’ Play Things EP Launch hits The Workers Club on Sunday November 29th with supports Redro Redriguez & His Inner Demons and PLEBS, and Bad Health DJS. Details here.

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