A Chat With…Mousecapades


There’s a lot of quality music coming out of Melbourne at the moment. And even though I’m actively seeking new music, it’s nice to be introduced to a track or artist because it’s easy to miss the good stuff.

One such artist is Mousecapades and his new single ‘Fled’. The track starts out slow with gentle piano, guitar and a bit of glockenspiel but develops really nicely into a strong, emotive piece with gorgeous harmonies. The man behind the indie/electronic project is Peter King, and we’re excited to be premiering his new clip and sharing our interview.

Let’s start at the beginning. How did the Mousecapades project come about? I’ve always written songs on the side while playing in other bands but never had a specific sound or genre to focus on so there were two big defining moments that lead to Mousecapades. The first was when I started doing a lot more solo cover gigs, I built up a huge repertoire and quickly learnt how to break songs down to their very basics and not feel too precious about any particular version. I then started applying this to my originals and got them to the stage that I could confidently play versions of them with just me and my guitar. The second moment was when I saw the movie “Drive” and couldn’t get the incredible soundtrack out of my head. That gave me a sound to focus on and once I had that the songs came together as new recordings pretty quickly.

You released your debut EP in December. What were some of the challenges you ran into and how did you overcome them? Being your own boss can be a double edged sword so I started setting myself little imaginary deadlines to help push me when motivation ran low. And knowing when to stop fiddling with a recording can be very difficult as you never feel like it’s quite finished, so for me it was having a mindset that these were just versions of the songs and not necessarily the definitive ones. I knew they would change when I play them live as I’d sometimes be doing solo gigs and other times with a duo or full band. Once again the amount of cover songs I’d been playing really helped me to let go of my traditional notions of what was important in a song.

At what age did you write your first song, and what was it about? I used to make up a lot of crude parodies at school with friends but as far as originals I probably started writing at about 17. And it was about a girl of course!

When it comes to gigs do you predominately play solo, or do you have a band? We play as a 5 piece with a rotating line up depending on availability which I really enjoy as I love hearing what each new musician brings to the table. It can often be very subtle but the more you play the more you start listening to everybody else and really appreciate the little things. Typically we’re guitar, bass, drums, keys, percussion, and as many backing vocals as humanly possible.

And you play in other bands as well? Chris Cavill & The Prospectors? How does that compare to your own project? Yeah I play as a side man in a few projects on various instruments and playing with Chris is great fun. I really enjoy being back on bass and the freedom of not being the one running the show is quite liberating. We’ve got a bluesy folk rock sound happening at the moment which is quite different to Mousecapades so it scratches a different itch for me.

You just released a video for your song ‘Fled’. What can you tell us about the video? I had a goal for this project to release a video for each song on the EP and so far it’s going according to plan. Some I’ve made myself and for others I’ve collaborated with other friends who have skills in visual media arts. Fled started off with a very simple premise of shooting some nice macro footage that would go well with the song and require very little effort. I enlisted the help of the very talented Jimmy Forsyth and once we realised how good things were looking we got a little carried away and ended up making a full on video clip.

Can you tell us about your favourite Melbourne acts? Dear Plastic and Have/Hold are two that spring to mind immediately as having really done the hard yards over many years and are now really starting to get the credit they deserve. I’ve also loved watching the rise of Big Scary from very humble beginnings.

And Melbourne venues? The Espy is an iconic Melbourne venue that is being sorely missed by a lot of people at the moment. It’s one of the few venues in Melbourne with multiple band rooms and a regular walk in crowd that makes it perfect for both musicians and fans alike.

What’s on the cards for the remainder of the year? I’m really content focussed at the moment so there’ll be one more video coming for Cotton Kids and then it’ll be time for me to knuckle down and smash out another EP. The plan is to have it ready for a mid July release and then we’ll be playing some more shows to get it out there. And hopefully the videos will keep coming too, I’ve got a few more ideas we haven’t used yet and some of the tracks are actually being written with the video already in mind.

Thanks for your time! No worries 🙂

Mousecapades’ debut EP Little White Lies is available for free download at Bandcamp.