A Chat With…Loose Tooth


Guitar-pop trio Loose Tooth recently dropped their debut EP Saturn Returns. Ahead of launch shows in Melbourne and Sydney, we had a chat to Etta.

Hi there, thanks for the chat! Likewise!

Your debut EP was released on Friday April 1st, and you celebrated with an in store performance at Polyester Records. How was the turn out? It was pretty wild actually. The shop was completely packed and there were even people standing behind us. I didn’t realise all the people that were there until the crowd parted and a whole lot of our (short) close friends appeared. It was a pretty nice feeling.

Speaking of the EP, it’s been released by Milk! Records. How does it feel to have such a great independent like Milk! backing your music? Absolutely incredible! Its beyond our wildest dreams to have Milk! release the EP. We are such fans of everything they do, their approach, and them as people. It is such a nice community to be a part of and it is really amazing to be working with these inspiring chicks who are doing the new-world label thing so incredibly.

There’s a great visual element to your music (press shots, artwork and videos) How important is this to you? We really love merging the visual creation with the music creation. Collaborating with artists and creatives is really important to us, and we have a strong vision of what we like and don’t like.

Its really nice to have the music drive a visual idea and vice versa. We live in a creative community and there are so many talented people out there that we want to work with. There are also so many experiential possibilities that come with the live show, and its nice to be able to create a vibe in a room and watch people react to it and have an amazing time.

Nellie and Etta have been performing together since their early teens. Over the years, have you received any advice that has stuck with you? “Keep rocking.”

Can you tell us about some your favourite Melbourne acts? There are SO many! Big Smoke, Rolling Blackouts C.F, Wet Lips, Cable Ties, Palm Springs, Emily Ulman, Jess Ribeiro, Dick Diver, Crepes, Pure Moods, The Greasers, and of course every Milk! band… We are so lucky to be living in a place with so much incredible music and talent. We’re super stoked to have 3 of our fav bands playing at the EP launch too!

And Melbourne venues? Love the Oldie for a punk band, The Gas for an indie band, The Toff for a country band, The Tote front bar for a Saturday arvo residency and Some Velvet Morning for a Sunday session.

You’re launching the EP with shows in Melbourne and Sydney this month. What’s been your most memorable gig to date? Wet Fest at the Tote was pretty wild. The Girls from Wet Lips put on their annual Wet Fest festival, and had an amazing line up of bands, majority women, and completely packed it out. We had people singing along and was generally an amazing vibe. They made the best T-Shirts too! Playing Boogie this year was pretty amazing too. We had heaps and heaps of fun playing there and it was a dream come true!

What’s on the cards for the remainder of the year? We have the EP launch on April 22 at the Gas, Hinds support in May, then we’ll keep writing the album and crossing our fingers that the excitement doesn’t stop!

Thanks for your time!
Absolute pleasure!

Loose Tooth launch their EP on Friday April 22nd at The Gasometer with Big Smoke, Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, Wet Lips & DJ Fee B Squared.