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Sadly Loon Lake have decided to call it a day. But the good news is the band are hitting the road one last time. The “Final Wave” tour kicks off this Friday in Perth, and we had a chat to frontman Sam Nolan.

Hi Sam, thanks for the chat! Firstly, I’ll start by saying thanks for the tunes & live shows! 6 years is a massive achievement. When you first started the band did you even think it would last 6 years? When we started we didnt even think we were going to play a gig. It was just having fun jamming. It all happened pretty quick for us, it took no time and we were a touring band. I guess after a few years, that really flew, I often wondered where we would go next, would we last, would people care. I remember talking to Timmy one night, drunk, and we were saying how much it is going to suck when we finish up, there was always going to be an end, it was a depressing thought, but now ive accepted it, and I think its better to look at how much fun we had rather than dwell on how its ending.

It seems only fitting to reminisce about the past few years with these next few questions. With a bunch of festival appearances under your belts, what was your favourite to play? I think personally and i think the boys may share my thoughts on this, it was Lorne Falls, New years eve, about 5 o’clock. We were camping with a big bunch of friends, we had actually woke up really early and went for a surf. We had a few drinks and a lot of laughs during the day and when we walked on stage so many people showed up to support us. It was a really great vibe in that tent. At the end of the set i decided i would crowd surf, literally on the crowd, on a boogie board, i fell over a couple of times before i finally stood up, when I did everyone went nuts and its hard to top the feeling of standing on top of a bunch of smiling legends singing our song, in the summer, the whole thing just ruled.

As a tour tho Groovin the Moo was easily the most fun. We played up. A lot.

I first saw Loon Lake back in 2010, supporting Papa vs Pretty in Sydney at Spectrum. Can you pick a favourite tour you’ve supported? Ha! They were a great band, we were good mates with them, shame they split up too! The Ball Park Music tour was really awesome. We also supported the Kaiser chiefs and we got to play some pretty amazing rooms, its a hard one to pin down. I think its more about the places and the crowds. Some nights everything just feels amazing, people are getting into it and it just makes you feel so happy, its hard to contain. Girls were a great band to support. The drums wernt, they wouldnt even let us into the band room,the sign said “No support bands allowed” ha fuck them.

You’ve completed a fair few of your own headline tours over the years, does one stand out as a particular highlight? The “Thirty Three” tour was easily the best. It was our first real national headline tour and we sold everything out. I’ll never forget it.

Two EPs and one album later, (if you can narrow it down) what’s the song you’re most proud of? Thats a very tuff question. We are practising for this final tour now and so many songs Ive forgotten about I think, wow, why did we stop playing that, its a pissa! I guess if I had to say one song that i enjoy playing live, I enjoy singing, is probably “bad to me” Ive always thought that was easily our best song. I remember it came in at 102 in the hottest 100 and if you ask me it shits on Cherry Lips, I dont really understand why people even like Cherry Lips. Bad to me is a real band song, we kind of recorded that out of nowhere and we all played a part in making it what it was. Its got groove i reckon. Also I copped a lot of shit about this song so its very memorable. The memories are all tied up with that great tour as well and a whole heap of huge changes in my life.

You’re hitting the road in October and November for the “Last Wave” tour, and you’ve already sold out one show at the Corner Hotel (which a second announced). How does it feel to have that kind of response in your hometown? Yeh its brilliant. We cant thank people enough not only for that but for the whole ride. So many of our friends and family have been there from the start, its something pretty special for us. We just hope the rest of it sells out, they are selling well but we really want this to be a special tour and fill the rooms. One thing is for sure, we are going to have fun. We are playing really well and we are going to make the most of every minute.

We’re a Melbourne music blog – so can you tell us about your favourite Melbourne acts? At the moment i am loving the new Paper Kites album and I really love #1 dads album as well. I don’t listen to the radio much anymore tho, only really listen to SEN because I love footy so im probably a bit off the pulse, but loving those albums I mentioned above. I also love a band called Raised by Eagles, kind of alt country, a close mate of mine is the singer, we went to school together and hes a great songwriter, and just getting better. Polish Club, our supports for this tour are exciting but they are Sydney, so we really cant like them too much ha!

And favourite Melbourne venues? Palais and Forum hands down.

Any last words? Thanks for your support, thanks to all our fans for everything they have done for us, I cant even begin to tell you what it means to us. Im proud of what we have done, im proud of the songs we have left with the world and im very appreciative of the luck and support we have enjoyed.

The album that we are going to release is right up there for us, its come together a hell of a lot better than we could have dreamed of so I really hope people can give it a listen, share it etc. It would be awesome to sell out this tour so please grab tickets, we will have a fun night I promise.

Personally, I am going to release some of my own music prolly next year, so keep an ear out.

From all of us, thank you for a great part of our lives.

Loon Lake are hitting the road for their national Final Wave tour in October/November. Tickets available from the band’s website.
Oct 9 – Jack Rabbit Slims, Perth
Oct 10 – Unibar, Adelaide
Oct 30 – The Cambridge, Newcastle
Oct 31 – Newtown Social Club, Sydney
Nov 6 – The Brightside, Brisbane
Nov 7 – Sol Bar, Maroochydore
Nov 12 – The Corner, Melbourne
Nov 14 – The Corner, Melbourne (SOLD OUT)

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