A Chat With…Hugh Fuchsen and Sauce Sauce Sauce


Originally from north-east Victorian cattle country, Hugh Fuchsen and Sauce Sauce Sauce are now based in Melbourne and on the cusp of releasing a new EP. We chatted to frontman Hugh Fuchsen.

Rewinding back to the start. At what point were you joined by Sauce Sauce Sauce? Had you always envisaged your music with a full band behind it? I moved to Melbourne to work at the start of 2015. Having a lot of time on my hands, I wrote a lot of music, making demos in my room. I recorded the EP, “Home Made Ingredients” and showed it to Vinny. We both enjoyed playing the songs together so we got our good friend Jeffrey — who is also in Vinny’s band — to have a crack at drums. Vinny’s excellent improvisational taste and Jeff’s simple, yet intelligent drum style was exactly what we needed to make the songs come to life. Through Vinny, we were introduced to Tom, our Coburg brother. Tom had an outstanding punch, rhythm and personality, and we’ve all been great friends since.

I started out just enjoying the creation of music that I liked the sound of. It was really nice to have other people wanting to get on board and take it to the next level. I wanted that to happen, but didn’t know how it was going to happen, until it did… and we are.

This Friday sees the release of your new EP, City On The Moon. What can you tell us about it? It’s as if we went to collect the eggs from the chook shed and came back with four golden bangers, full of good, healthy protein that could get anyone through their day.

You’re launching the EP this Friday at Tago Mago Club. If you could request anything on a rider, what would it include? Plenty of banh mi and unlimited MB tins.

Can you tell us your favourite Melbourne acts? I enjoy listening to Courtney Barnett, Sunnyside, Dukes of Haggard, Fraser A. Gorman, Aunty Donna, Hiatus Kaiyote, Hollow Everdaze, The Gooses, Oh Pep!, Jackson Phelan, Sheriff, and the list goes on.

And Melbourne venues? My favourites are The Grace Darling, Bar Open and Public Bar.

You recently released a new video. Can you tell us a bit about filming the clip? It is called, “Who Needs Tinder When You’ve Got The 86”. It is an in-depth piece about my journey down High St, looking for girls to chat to. My friends Alec and Rochelle helped put it together.

What’s on the cards for the remainder of the year? Probably sitting in my room constantly listening to Gerry Rafferty’s discography, while maybe studying a bit for university. We will also be putting out another set of pop-rock bangers around the end of Spring.

The EP launch is this Friday at Tago Mago Club with support from The Football Club and Sunset Dreams. $4 entry, doors at 8pm.

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