A Chat With…FLUIR


Indie pop artist FLUIR is fast becoming an artist to watch, and for good reason. Fuelled by newfound inspiration and creative energy, she crafts some incredible tunes.

Take us back to when this project ‘Fluir’ was launched – what made you shift from folk singer to indie pop artist? I started out in Melbourne’s live music scene as a acoustic/folk singer/songwriter influenced by the likes of Missy Higgins, Sarah Blasko and Lisa Mitchell. In 2012, I got writers block having lost the love of writing and playing music live. I ended up taking three years off music. Luckily over that time I still enjoyed listening to music, so instead I found myself going to festivals and gigs around Melbourne. I found that the music I started listening to and artists I was following started to move further away from the acoustic folk I was originally inspired by. Eventually, I grew envious of the artists I was watching up on stage and found I was inspired once again to start writing music. Naturally, when I started writing again it reflected the genre and artists I’d grown to listen to.

Your latest single “I’ve Gotta Have You” has garnered some seriously love online and on radio. How are you enjoying the response so far? I am so grateful for the response so far. I couldn’t have hoped for a better response to be honest. The track has started to grow organically now which is nice, following the the initial response and exposure from Triple J Unearthed which helped it get it off the ground. It’s still early days for the project so to see such a positive response early on it’s encouraging to keep writing and playing live.

You were recently announced as one of the six winners of the Triple J Unearthed NIDA competition. Congratulations! What song will the video be for? At the time the competition was announced on Unearthed I had begun researching local directors/producers in organising a music video for ‘I’ve Gotta Have You’. I remember seeing the announcement and preferably wanted to give the opportunity to a student at NIDA to help establish their career in film. So I applied and a few weeks later got a call saying I was one of the recipients – which was fantastic.

I noticed on your Facebook page that you went along to Coachella Oh how I wish I could’ve been there. Did you love every minute of it? Ever since I was a teenager I’ve wanted to go to Coachella. The whole experience was surreal, not to mention the scale of the festival and production far surpassed my expectations. To be able to see so many world class acts over four days was an incredible opportunity. There was a dust storm on the third day however, I’m still clearing dust from my nose and lungs.

Can you tell us about your favourite Melbourne acts? I love all Melbourne acts regardless of their genre. To be able to turn up to any venue any night of the week and be guaranteed to see quality live music is one of the reasons I love this city.

And Melbourne venues? When I was running between Sia and Flume’s headline sets at Coachella I realised how lucky we are in Australia (especially Melbourne) to have so many live music venues and such a strong local support for live music, which is reflected in the high representation of Australian artists on the world stage. However, some of my all-time favourites are Howler, The Workers Club and The Forum.

You’re playing Neon Alley’s event at Howler tomorrow night, alongside some other incredible female artists (Myami, Evangeline and Nussy). What can we expect from your live set? Lots of keyboards, vocals and good times.

Thanks for your time! Thanks so much!

FLUIR will perform at Howler this Friday 13th May alongside Nussy, Evangeline & MYAMI. Details here.

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