A Chat With…Dylan Joel


It’s been a few years since we last featured hip-hop artist Dylan Joel. Dylan’s debut album Authentic Lemonade drops tomorrow, and what better time to catch up for a chat.

Your debut album “Authentic Lemonade” is out this week. How are you feeling? I’m real excited about it. I’m just hyped for people to have access to it! You always hope people will dig the whole record, but even if 1 track really resonates with someone, I’ll be g’d up on that!

You co-produced the album alongside ARIA award winning producer Cam Bluff (Hilltop Hoods, Illy, Allday). What was it like working with Cam? Did you both have a similar vision for the album? Co-producing the album alongside Cam Bluff was a real trip. Besides having the sickest time creating different ideas and directions for tracks, the actual work load of it was easy! We shared the exact same vision and style for the record and that made the creation of it a breeze. Cam’s a real dude and went from being just a ‘producer’ to a bro. Got love for that dudes talent!

The album features an array of guests (including Mantra, DJ Izm) and session musicians. How did it feel having these musicians on board to record your album? (Side note: We’re big fans of drummer Tim Coghill – his debut album Nowhere is incredible) Well firstly it was a huge privilege to have both Mantra and DJ Izm on a track. Mantra has a been a mentor to me for years now and on top of being a hugely inspiring human being, he’s also one of the most talented MC’s in the country. And DJ Izm has been an idol of mine from the day I discovered hip hop in Aus. Was super refreshing to get such a talented feature, bringing an element outside of vocals. – Rad you know of Tim’s music! He’s a freak composer and musician hey? So to have him playing all the live drums on the album was a massive privilege.

You recently wrapped up a tour with Seth Sentry, and you’re about to embark on your first national tour. Did you pick up any tips or advice from Seth Sentry for your own tour? I honestly learnt so much on the Seth tour. Being a tour of 50 shows, we were always going to learn something. I don’t even know where to start, but to keep it short, let’s say he pretty much taught me how to freestyle (still not my thing though ha), and just the opportunity to refine my overall performance was rad.

Yeah we’re about to do our first headline tour across the country! Super hyped for it. Can’t wait to hang with all the peeps that come down and make them a part of the journey! Love that music brings people together and I’m all about making some new homies/home girls.

I know you’re a big fan of local music (we got you to compile a mixtape for us back in 2012) – can you tell us about your favourite Melbourne acts? True! Good times. Yo even though I think it’s been over a year since they dropped their record, I reckon ‘Remi’ has one of the freshest releases in Australian music with ‘Raw x Infinity’. And although this is super left of field from hip hop, I’m really digging the new record from ‘The Paper Kites’, titled ‘twelvefour’. Both worth copping for sure! Musically on a whole other level.

And Melbourne venues? One of my all-time favourite venues would be The Forum! Such an amazing design and beautiful feel. Really have to set aside a few minutes to take it in before performing there! And although it’s outside of Melbourne, I want to send some love to ‘Theatre Royal’ in Castlemaine, VIC. Also one of the coolest venue’s I’ve been lucky enough to play at.

Lastly, your new video “What’s Good” showcases your Pop-Up Op-Shop campaign from earlier this year where you raised over $10,000 for the Australian Himalayan Foundation. (Well done!!) What sparked this idea? And did you anticipate such a huge response? Firstly, thank you! I didn’t really know what to expect in terms of the result. I made ‘What’s Good’ in the hope of inspiring people to pay more attention to what’s good in the world. To lift people’s spirits a little you know? The track was just meant to be an outro type song on the record, but my team and I dug the idea behind it so much that we felt we needed to add some visuals to it. I did a trip over to Nepal roughly 5 years ago, met some amazing people and was fortunate enough to help fund the construction of a primary school in a small village called ‘Taku’. When the devastation of the earthquakes happened, I heard that some Nepalese friends of mine lost their homes, so we decided to run the Pop-Up Op Shop and give whatever little contribution we could.

Authentic Lemonade is out tomorrow. Buy it on iTunes here. Dylan is touring throughout October/November.

Friday 2 October – Wrangler, Melbourne VIC w/ Ivan Ooze (Under 18)
Thursday 15 October – Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane QLD
Friday 16 October – Boardriders, Gold Coast QLD
Wednesday 21 October – Transit Bar, Canberra ACT
Friday 23 October – Goodgod Small Club, Sydney NSW
Saturday 24 October – Rad, Wollongong NSW
Friday 30 October – The Workers Club, Geelong VIC
Saturday 07 November – Rocket Bar, Adelaide SA
Sunday 08 November – Jimmy’s Den, Perth WA
Saturday 28 November – Gorgeous Festival, McLaren Vale SA

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