A Chat With…Blashki


Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Blashki is crafting his own punchy, retro sound. Ahead of a single launch on November 18th we threw some questions his way.

Last year you featured on Casper Zazz’s track ‘Make Believe’, and now you’ve released your debut single. In comparison to being a featured vocalist, how does it feel to be releasing your own music? Well, I’ve been song writing for a long time so it’s nice to finally have some of my music out in the big wide world. I had a lot of ideas floating around in my head so it was really cool to work closely with my producer [Arik Blum] and flesh out the tracks. I played all the instruments on the EP so it was daunting but exciting to have creative control. I’m really happy with how the tracks have turned out.

You grew up with a soundtrack of Paul Kelly, Lou Reed and Elvis Costello, was there a lightbulb moment where you just knew you wanted to create music? Yeah, I grew up with a lot of music around me. My dad wrote songs, my uncle was a music promoter and I started playing guitar when I was five so it’s always sort of been a part of my life. I was writing my first songs with my brother when I was 14 and since then I’ve just been trying to develop as a musician. So it’s a gradual thing.

You performed at St Kilda Festival earlier this year, how was that experience? I grew up around St Kilda and I’ve been going to the festival since forever so to be a part of it was a really surreal and awesome moment. I think it’s great how the festival supports local and emerging acts. It’s in the works to play again next year.

What Melbourne releases (albums/EPs) have been on rotation for you this year? I’ve been loving Husky’s last record ‘Rucker’s Hill.’ And I’m really enjoying Courtney Barnet’s new album as well. I’m a big fan of Tinpan Orange, and Holy Holy’s new album ‘When the Storms Would Come’ is great.

You’re launching your debut single ‘Four Leaf Clover’ at Revolver Upstairs on November 18th. What’s your live set up like? Do you pull together a band, or just play solo? I play with a 5-piece band and my band is the fucking bomb. They are all so lovely. I wish I could marry them all. But seriously they are all brilliant musicians and I love what we do together. We’re very excited for the show.

When are we likely to hear the rest of the EP? I’ll probably be releasing another single before the end of the year. It’s called ‘Watch and Wait’ and I’m eager to share it with everyone. The full EP will be out before March 2016.

Thanks for your time! Yeah thanks for the chat! Hope to see you on the 18th.

Blashki launches ‘Four Leaf Clover’ at Revolver Upstairs on November 18th with Casper Zazz and Children of the Sun. Doors at 8pm, $12 entry.

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