A Chat With…Animaux


Animaux have been kicking around Melbourne for close to two years playing a string of residencies and sweet support slots. With the recent release of new single ‘Paradise’, we had a chat to Alex Lahey from the band.

Hey Alex, thanks for having a chat.
Thanks for having me!

Where did it all begin for Animaux?
Animaux began as soon as the majority of us finished high school, almost two years ago. All seven of us used to play in the school’s big band together and we didn’t want to let the fact that some of us were graduating stop us from playing together, so Animaux was born.

I first saw Animaux play at High Noon festival almost a year ago now, the band sure has had a busy year. Any highlights?
Oh wow, that gig seems like so long ago! It really has been a big year. Since that show we have had three residencies at the Evelyn and Workers Club, released two stand alone singles, and supported some awesome acts from Australia and abroad. A personal highlight was our recent trip to Sydney where we supported the boys from Set Sail. We pulled an all-nighter at our guitarist, Sammo’s, house after playing

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a show with local favourites Saskwatch and caught a flight to Sydney at some ungodly hour. We played a mad show at the Metro with Set Sail in front of a monster crowd. It was probably the best first interstate experience we could’ve asked for.

There’s seven members in the band. Can you tell us the best and the worst parts of having that many band members?
Best parts: So many ideas, personalities and an awesome dynamic
Worst parts: Travel costs, finding rehearsal time and you can’t make a human pyramid with seven people

You’ve recently released a new single, Paradise. What do the next few months hold for Animaux?
We’re super excited to officially launch “Paradise” on Thursday 4 October at the Toff In Town. We’re lucky enough to have Francolin, Albert Salt and Smoking Toddler DJs all playing with us – it’s going to be ridonkulous amounts of fun. We’re also in the process of organising a tour in December, but shhhhh…

Any upcoming gigs we should know about?
Apart from our launch, we’ve just been announced as a part of the line up for Federation Square’s 10th birthday party on 27 October. We’ll be playing with our old friends, Stonefield, who we toured Victoria with last year. Also, we’re on the line up for Inca Roads Music Festival at the end of November, which will be insane.

What are your favourite venues in Melbourne to play?
The staple Animaux answer to this question is the Evelyn Hotel in Fitzroy, haha! We had our very first gig there and have probably played over 20 shows there since. It always feels like coming home. That said, I do have a soft spot for the Northcote Social Club and the Corner Hotel. I feel like there’s an air of prestige when you play there because so many incredible acts have graced the stages of those venues.

Can you tell us about some of your favourite Melbourne acts.
Argh, there’s so many! At the moment I’m really getting into acts like I’lls and Hiatus Kaiyote, who use a lot of beats and hip hop influence, but make such unique music. I’m in love with the song writing of Courtney Barnett and Ainslie Wills – their lyrics are unbelievable and I discover something new with each listen. Saskwatch are a favourite of Animaux and produce incredible compositions. The Melbourne scene is truly amazing. There’s so much going on and we’re so proud to be a part of it.

Animaux launch Paradise on Thursday October 4th at the Toff in Town. Write it down folks!

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