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Aeora began as the bedroom project of Lisa Spencer. Now the vocalist and producer is preparing herself for the release of her debut EP. Having recently released an ace new single ‘Medicine’, we decided to throw a bunch of questions to Lisa.

Thanks for your time! What can you tell us about your latest single ‘Medicine’? Did you enjoy working with producer Owen Rabbit? Medicine is a song I wrote maybe 6-7 months ago and it’s about an aspect of this situation I was in last year, and kind of just reflects on it all. Owen was really great to work with!!!! I sent him my demo and the stems for it and he got working on it straight away. We pretty much finished the song in less than a day because he had prepared a lot of it beforehand and he came up with melodies and riffs really quickly! I’m super happy with his production and overall he is just a very lovely guy 🙂 And super talented. Can’t wait for his EP to come out!

You’ve signed to Riot Expert Records. How does it feel having the support of someone like Gemma Bastiani behind your music? Yes! Yay. I’m really happy to be signed to Riot Expert Records and to be backed by such a lovely person (Gemma) is great. Gemma is such an incredible person and cares a lot about me (and as I do for her) and that makes me feel like I’m in the right hands. I feel very free with my processes and what I can do with my music and that’s a really cool thing. I kind of feel like an underdog in this industry/music world – like I’m sort of new to it all, and it feels a little intimidating at times. But then Gemma comes along and helps me out. So, go her.

I’m also curious to know, what was the first song you ever wrote? Hahaha omg. I started writing songs when I was like 8 or 9 with piano and then learnt guitar when I was 12 so did a lot more then. But my FIRST ever song written was when I was like 4. I know this because my dad has it filmed and it’s very funny. I came up with this song whilst I was sitting in a cardboard box with my brother. It went like: ‘We’re going on a trip, we’re going on a trip, we’re going on a trip to Mexico!’ I think we we’re just trying to postpone bedtime really.

I really like the artwork for ‘Medicine’. Who’s the artist? And how did it come about? Ahh me too! The single artwork and the upcoming EP artwork is all done by Darren Oorloff. I’ve known Darren for a few years through some of my friends and I only recently found out that he does all this stuff! So when I saw it all on his Instagram I thought it was all very cool and we got in contact and it all went from there! I told him a concept I wanted it all to reflect on – being up and down – and he hit me up with these ideas. The artwork works really well and they’re different to a lot of things out there. So it was perfect 🙂

Can you tell us your favourite Melbourne acts? Favourite Melbourne acts are definitely Banoffee, Fortunes, Alice Ivy, Oscar Key Sung, RKDA, Evangeline, Client Liaison, Milwaukee Banks and Roland Tings. There’s a lot of awesome artists/acts in Melbourne so this list could really go on forever but I’ll just stop there.

And Melbourne venues? My favourite Melbourne venues are Howler (never played there but I’d really like to!!!), the Evelyn is really cool, the Workers club is always nice to me, and Shebeen looks really great – can’t wait to play there at the end of the month! Oh and I like Boney too.

You currently play solo (with the exception of a violinist for a song). Could you see the project expanding to include other members? Yeah, I play solo mainly because of the convenience factor haha. But I’m definitely looking to expand a bit and have more of my sounds performed live with a few more band members! Ideally I’d like to get someone on beats and another person on some instruments/sounds. Just gotta suss it out!

What’s in store for the remainder of the year? I’m working on finishing the EP (which will be ready for a July release). I’m working with Guy from RKDA on the remaining songs and we’ve just finished the next single, so that’s going to be released very very soon. I’m really excited about this one. We’re going to film the video for that also. And then in August we’re touring (yayyyyy!!!). Also I really need to finish my degree at Uni (which at this rate probably won’t happen until mid next year because I’m awful at time management).

Thanks for your time! Thanks Sabi! 🙂

Aeora plays Riot Expert Records Launch this Saturday May 28th at Shebeen with RKDA (EP launch), OCDANTAR, and Kalacoma DJs. Tickets here.

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